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Chrome Extension to Add Google Reader Link Back to Bar

Update: The Reader link is back! Supposedly a mistake, but one that took several days to fix… All cheer for not needing an extra extension now!

Out of nowhere today, I noticed that Google decided that I didn’t need a link to Google Reader in the top left link bar that is present on all Google App pages, and instead thought that I should get in touch with my artistic side by replacing it with Photos. As much as I do love photography and art, I’ve never used the Photos (Picasa Web) service, and don’t plan to. But I’m definitely addicted to Google Reader! Why, Google, why?

So what’s a man to do? “Well heck,” I figured, “I’m smart, I’m a pseudo-developer, and I can just write my own extension to insert it back in! Take that Google!” Never mind the fact that I could access it in one more click by using the “more” link or just typing it in directly. No, I want it there, a regular link! So I created the “Back to the Reader!” Google Chrome extension, and voila, problem solved!

So you're tellin' me Doc, that Google Reader is back in the bar??

The extension is available to anyone, and the source is on GitHub. Now granted I did this in the most down and dirty quick way possible, and so I know it’s not super optimized and may probably break in some test cases I haven’t thought of. But I just wanted to get my Reader link back, and if it can benefit others, then fantastic. Please test it out and let me know what does and does not work for you. Long live Google Reader!

Download the Back to the Reader! extension
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