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Chameleon – A fun Engrish example

I’m sure many of you have seen the wonderfully entertaining website, I stumbled across my own comical example of some Engrish the other day in a computer surplus sale, and had to share. I’m not even exactly sure what the product was originally (it was missing most of its parts), but I purchased the $0.50 item purely for the box. Sit back and soak in the translational excellence!

(Click images to expand for better viewing.)

Reads: “Chameleon – Art, Passion and Sunbeam”


Installation instructions:

  1. Please turn off your computer first.
  2. Mount the kit into a 5.25″drive bay in the front panel of your PC.
  3. Use double side velcro tapes to fix the laser beams on desired places.
  4. Plug the male 4 pin Molex connector into the power supply.
  5. Finally turn on the power and enjoy the magic of the chameleon. Choose one color you like the most to highlight your case, or you can switch the three color knobs on the panel to get a color mixture.
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