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Back to the Reader Chrome Extension

Update 2: They’ve done it again, the link is gone! Hopefully it’s just a fluke again, but until it returns, I’ve updated my extension to work with the new (black) Google bar.

Update: Good news everyone! Google put the Reader link back. However, they also made it harder to switch accounts with the new bar up top, so maybe in the future… 🙂

Frustrated that Google removed your favorite link in from the bar in the top left, your Google Reader? Do you live and die by RSS? Can you not be bothered to make that one extra mouse click to get to Google Reader? If so, then the Back to the Reader! Google Chrome Extension is for you!

What does it do?

Well, it does one thing, and does it well. It adds a link to your Reader back into the apps bar up on top, and… well, that’s it. Enjoy!

How can I get it?

Download the .crx file below, double click it, and Google Chrome should ask if you want to install it. By default, it says the extension needs access to all your data on Don’t worry, it consists of just 4ish lines of code and I would never ever grab any of your data! Don’t believe me? Check out the source code yourself on GitHub. And feel free to improve it too.

Does it do backflips?

Nope, it just adds a link to Google Reader to the bar of apps in the top left. Nice and simple.

Download the Back to the Reader! Extension



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