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Daily Interests

Interesting artifacts found on August 18, 2011: Delicious: Extending the Functionality of WordPress Pt.2 A really good collection here, especially of the membership plugins.

Daily Interests

Interesting artifacts found on August 17, 2011: Delicious: Image galleries. jQuery slideshow. jQuery Gallery …, Building custom CMS applications on WordPress

Daily Interests

Interesting artifacts found on June 1, 2011: Delicious: Roots WordPress Theme | Rapidly create sites with HTML5 …, Flexible height vertical centering with CSS, beyond IE7 | 456 …, WordPress Custom Post Type Code Generator | Themergency, WordPress ” Custom Post Type UI ”…

How to make a family WordPress blog private

My wife and I, like any fun newlywed couple (okay, maybe we’re getting a little old for the newlywed stage now), have a blog where we like to talk about the trips we go on, fun finds, time with family, etc. The time came the other day to make the blog private to allow access only to friends and family, instead of shouting our family matters to the entire Internet. It is run with WordPress, as are most of my personal and client sites, because of the fantastic power and flexibility that the platform provides. After searching for a few hours, I came up with what I believe is one a very good combo of plugins and settings to make a WordPress blog private.