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Daily Interests

Interesting artifacts found on September 26, 2011: Delicious: ZURB – The Power of Why – ZURB – Interaction Design … How can your business be more like Apple and Martin Luther King? Use “Why” as your explanation, not “What.”, What Lucky People…

RIM: Does it have a strategy?

RIM announced today a 59% drop in quarterly profit, a continued indication that the company is in dire financial straits, even though the co-CEOs believe they will be able to pull off a revived victory before the end of the year. Yet millions of businessmen and businesswomen, as well as consumers, still use their products. Could the answer be that a lack of clear strategy has caused the dismal performance we are seeing today? I reflect on this using Michael Porter’s seminal explanation of strategic possibilities.

Daily Interests

Interesting artifacts found on August 20, 2011: Delicious: The Elusive Big Idea Our society is more concerned with data and information than ideas, and where does that get us?, Jay Parkinson’s $1500 Startup Health Business Now *this* is how I want to…