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Goals for 2013

Previously I had written down general life statements that I wanted to be able to claim are “me” at the end of 2013, and now I’m taking the time to share the actual goals that I defined to accomplish those life statements.

Goals should be specific and achievable, they should be SMART, and I’ve tried to apply such criteria as I’ve formulated these goals. Originally, I wrote down goals into the categories that I had defined in my previous post. However, I reorganized them into once a day/week/month categories, and it seemed to be much more clear, so I will present them as such here as well.

Once a Day:

  • Scriptures: Continue reading my scriptures every day, but additionally make note of at least one observation each time.
  • More time with family: Get on a regular sleep schedule so that I can do things in the AM before family wake up, to maximize time.
  • More time with family: Limit information intake (less HN, Twitter, etc.; batching will be key).

Once a Week:

  • Make more memories: Take pictures of people more often (and include me in them when possible).
  • Get to $5k/mo side project: Dedicate two hours a week to the project.
  • Write/study more for IO: One post a week about information overload on this blog.

Once a Month:

  • Enterprise software: Talk with senior and C-level and executives more regularly. Take them out to lunch for “interviews” to learn more about this side of the business.
  • Take, organize more photos: Try and go on a “photo outing” once a month, can take family.
  • Cultivate service and selflessness: Do one service project a month with family, work, friends.
  • Cultivate service and selflessness: Be a more active giver (Kiva, invite people into our home for meals, etc.).

One-Time Events:

  • Get to $5k/mo side project: Brain dump everything that’s been bouncing around, then reject them all :).
  • Get to $5k/mo side project: Do idea extraction and then validate the ideas.
  • More time with family: Work out a flex time arrangement with clients/employer.
  • Take, organize more photos: Consolidate mine and Paige’s photo libraries.
  • Take, organize more photos: Clean all my photo gear.
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