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Category: Programming

Migrating from private IMAP to Google Apps Email

Recently I have been moving several clients off of private IMAP servers onto Google Apps, and played with a lot of different migration techniques including POP sucking, email program drag and drop, and the command line. Using the Perl script imapsync, I was able to transfer several years worth of emails to Google Apps in just a few hours and with very little manual intervention. Great solution, read on for code and links.

How to make a family WordPress blog private

My wife and I, like any fun newlywed couple (okay, maybe we’re getting a little old for the newlywed stage now), have a blog where we like to talk about the trips we go on, fun finds, time with family, etc. The time came the other day to make the blog private to allow access only to friends and family, instead of shouting our family matters to the entire Internet. It is run with WordPress, as are most of my personal and client sites, because of the fantastic power and flexibility that the platform provides. After searching for a few hours, I came up with what I believe is one a very good combo of plugins and settings to make a WordPress blog private.