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iOS Launch images Illustrator template download

I needed  a quick way to make sure I had all the launch images for my Houston Tunnels app recently, as it was time to support some new devices like the iPhone 6 Plus. At first, I just took one of the original launch images I had made, created a 2208 x 2208 pixel version of it, and put it through the excellent TiCons tool. However this particular launch image just didn’t work well with the autogenerated versions created by TiCons, so it was back into Illustrator to tweak and fix.

I realized that the number of different dimensions and orientations had really exploded as of late with the addition of new screen sizes by Apple in the past couple of years. In fact, there are nine different resolutions needed to support all iOS devices and orientations. So I did the research to get all of the correct sizes in a list, and created one Illustrator AI file to rule them all, and am making it available here for free, easy download by other creators needing to make iOS launch images.

Click here to download the All iOS Launch Images Illustrator Template
Click here to download the All iOS Launch Images Illustrator Template

To use it, I suggest creating a generic launch image in the largest Universal artboard first. Then you can copy and paste those assets into each of the individual boards, tweaking as necessary. To export all of the images for use in your app, go to File > Export, and in the dialog window click the “Use Artboards” option, as seen below.

Use Artboards option

After clicking through the next dialog (you can leave the options at their defaults) it will spit out all of the artboards as separate image files, almost properly named. You will need to go in and remove the prefix on the file that Illustrator adds. For example, one output file will be named “iOS Launch [email protected]”. Chop off the “iOS Launch Images_” portion and voila, you’ve got it ready to go!

Download the iOS Launch Images Adobe Illustrator Template file (.ai)

Let me know if this helps you out, as it did for me. Happy development!

Also, in case you needed a quick reference, here is a table with all of the current resolutions, dimensions, and orientations that one might need when putting together launch images.

Device Landscape Resolution Portrait Resolution
iPad and iPad Mini @2x (Retina) 2048 x 1536 1536 x 2048
iPhone 6 Plus @3x 2208 x 1242 1242 x 2208
iPhone 6 @2x No launch image 750 x 1334
iPad 2 and iPad Mini @1x 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
iPhone 5/5S/5C @2x No launch image 640 x 1136
iPhone 4/4S @2x No launch image 640 x 960
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