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Email Overload Presentation

Whew, graduating, moving, and starting a new job all take an incredibly large amount of time! There is a ton of material that I still want to get up regarding the information overload research that I did in my last semester, but I just haven’t had the chance. However, I can at least get my final presentation up so that others can at least peruse it.

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Now this presentation is really meant to be accompanied by my narration, so it won’t be nearly as rich just reading through it as it currently exists. However, it should at least give a starting point to the conversation, and include some good resources to jump off from.

Please let me know what questions you may have, and if you need the narration along with it. I’m happy to discuss any and all of this material!

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    • Thanks! I had a chance to play around with Asana briefly, it is very slick. I think it would be great for small teams as far as a task-management center goes.

  1. Good work Joshua! My focus is the email contribution to information overload. My methodology for mastering email will be available soon in my book, Unload Email Overload. check out my site if you like. My best to you and your research. Bob

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