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Time Machine: My First Client Site

As we humans are wont to do, I waxed nostalgic this morning and decided to see if my first client’s website was still around. I knew that the company had since been acquired, and that the acquiring company had also been acquired, so I knew that the chances were extremely small. However, the Wayback Machine had me covered, and so I present to you my very first client project, the business website of Intermountain Benefit Administrators, circa 2001:

IBA's website, 2001, my first "real" client project

I was just a teenager, the Internet was a simpler place, and I got paid a whopping $150, which was pretty big money for me at the time. While visually sparse and virtually unchanged over its eight year lifespan, it still is something that I’m proud of doing, and grateful to the owner of the company who trusted a geeky young kid to do his corporate website.

Everyone has to start somewhere. I am glad that I was able to experiment when I was young, find something that I really enjoyed doing, and turn it into something that helps me grow professionally and provides income at the same time. Find your passion and run with it!

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