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Good morning, World.

I welcome myself to a new home on the Internet, this time focused on my own personal branding. My name is Joshua, and it’s time that my content be connected to it. I have previously maintained other blogs, Tumblrs, and various mini-sites, but as the Internet has matured, so have my needs to consolidate what I create (and of course, forward my own personal “branding.”) I am not in this to be a “social media ninja” or become the next Scoble, but I do hope that some of what will be posted here will be beneficial to others.

With that, thank you for visiting, and enjoy posts from photography to programming, memorable quotes to mindless videos, and everyday occurrences to everything else.

P.S. – I have no relation to Joshua Lyman from the West Wing, even though it is a fantastic show and I watch it regularly. What a stud—both of us.

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